Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Southern Expressway - Sri Lanka

June 22-25, 2012

A Glimpse at Night
Southern expressway (E1) is a fresh experience to the Sri Lankans. That's because E1 is the first of their kind in Sri Lanka. We took our chance to travel through when we were heading to Katharagama temple as a pilgrimage organized by my office. On the way to Katharagama, I could capture this wonderful night photography scenery of the sparkling street lights by the 'Kurundugaha Hathakma' exchange.

First Light of the Dawn
While our home back, after 3 days, again we were experiencing a totally different scenery, the first light of the dawn has fallen across the Southern Expressway (E1) Sri Lanka, I got the opportunity to capture them as well.

A. Dilhan Maduranga @ LenseTwain


  1. Dil,when you suggested the idea that we should start a photography blog or when you told me that you have finished making the blog, I never thought that it would be this much attractive. omg, I'm in love with this.....

    And this post is a very good start and it is the first step of the long journey we are gonna go in the blog space........

    HERE WE GO>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Even though I too have traveled in the Southern Expressway I haven't seen the beauty of it during the night time (except from photos).
    Its a good idea to start a photography blog & I wish you all best of luck. Keep it up

    1. Thanks friend! Thanks for the wishes. Its not very long since I started loving photography. It's an interesting hobby. There are so many things that are beautiful if we see through a lense. Let's continue!

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