Friday, February 5, 2016


I loved nature and to live with the sound of nature since my childhood. The man reason for that would be my parents, specially my father who loves every element of nature and enjoys the beauty of nature immensely.

Since my adolescence, during which I learned there is something called “nature photography”, I always wished for a camera of my own.

But it was only 4 years back; I could by a DSLR camera, even though I used to photograph things with a small pocket camera, before that.My very first DSLR camera was canon 1100D, which is not even a semiprofessional one; nevertheless I’m still using it for my photography. It has helped me a lot in my craving for nature photography and has gone through a lot of grievances with my unprofessional aggressive photographing techniques.

After starting working in Mannar, my photographic opportunities went a long way by leaps and bounds, beyond the usual backyard photography I used to practice.

I consider myself lucky working there as it gives me a lot of experience in natural beauty and I was able to get to know some of talented and experienced photographers. 

Mannar is a place where there is a lot of untouched nature, although it is been invaded by the modern technology and irrational land distributing systems now, day by day.

Although I’m still a neonate in photography who just started learning it, I have captured some moments I am satisfied with. most of them were captured during th blue hour and the golden hour with my 18-55mm lens.

In the morning at causeway bridge

Mannar fishing village seen at the bridge in twilight

 watching sunset at causeway. A fishing net which is placed to catch prawns

Oluthudayi beach - An idol of serenity 

Giant tank

 some egrets flying over a paddy field, where farmers at work

At Vankalai


 Donkey is a common site at Mannar

A view from the balcony of my my room. (15 seconds exposure)


  1. Of course!! Imposing Mannar. . Very eye catching. I wonder why you did not post anything here for 2015. Any reason?

  2. Honestly, I don't know the reason either. Me and my friend took turns to post , so I was waiting till my friend post some thing here,in the beginning. Later on, both of us almost forgot that we had a photography blog. ( He still has forgotten it seems. ;-) )

  3. Profession means a paid occupation so I don't like to tell you that you are professional.. instead of that I would like to appreciate you & your talent as proficiency.