Friday, November 9, 2012

Tiny wild life

I love photography; there is no doubt about it. But there is nothing other than wild life which made me crazy about it.
Wild life is not only about gigantic elephants, lazy yawning lions or flamboyant birds.….
Have a look at these tiny insects. See the beauty they add to the nature. That is the wild life I love most.

Some unknown insects (male and female) in their mating action.

Furry spider waiting for a prey

It is only about 1 cm in length.

A dragonfly. Is it a mash skimmer ?
I’m not very sure . 

By the way, do you have any idea about the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly?

A tropic dart

A common silver ring. Look at the real silver color on its wings.

Who’s this fellow? Actually I have no idea. But I like its pose.


  1. you have a great eye Sindoo

  2. Wow.. I'd like to use the word professional photography to describe these photos.. So amazing.. That Furry spider got a unusual attractive look.. When i saw the 1st photo something came up my mind. This is NOT the 1st time u disturbed a loving couple with ur camera ah? I can still remember that photo of two butterflies.:P

    1. Thank you Aiya,
      Oh that spider reminds me of some unnamed devil. :p

      And about the 1st pic....hmm I also feel there's something wrong with my eyes. lol
      I should have categorized this post as 18+. ;-)

  3. amazing pics akki u have great idea to click .......keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!