Thursday, November 1, 2012

Drops of pearls

I have a small story to tell you about these pictures.

They were the first rain drops that crossed the atmosphere after a long run. On their way to kiss the earth's cheeks and lips, they did not forget to say hi to the plants and to the flowers who were missing them since a long time.
It made the flowers and leaves to dress themselves up with pearly rain drops.

Have a glance and tell me how do you feel about them

There is another story....

Previous night, Sepalika tree gave life breath to its flowers as usual. They were smiling spreading their fragrance while unexpected rain started pouring. They were helpless and had to give up the tree.But look at them, they are still smiling.


  1. Nice pics...
    By the way, I'm personally don't like watermarks/trademarks/Copyright symbols on the photo...


    (Can you please remove the Word Verification)

  2. Nice collection.... It is amazed to see the beauty created by the drops of rain.. I like the last photo very much...

  3. Beautiful & artistic collection of pics...
    Its really great that you are showing colours not just in your primary profession, but also in your hobby.
    Keep up the good work !!!