Monday, December 31, 2012

Behind the 'Yala' Borders - 02

The beauty is worth composing more. Everywhere is something that refreshes our messy minds. Here's another perspectives I could capture.

By the way, I'll take my chance to 
wish you all a happy 2013!

- Dilhan Maduranga

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Behind the 'Yala' Borders

It's always amazing to see through the lens, which narrow down our scope to see only what matters. Its proven to myself once again in the journey we went to the sacred Kabaliththa. 

First we worshipped Sacred Kiriwehera, Katharagama Dewalya then travelled through a lengthy route to Kotiyagala. This is where we got our comfortable 4+ wheel drive (A Tafe Tractor). On the way to the borders of Yala, so much beauty and dust grabbed us.

Covered by the dust, stillm the passing beauty could easily capture me. Using Samanala's Camera (A friend of mine - music and nature lover) I tried to paint it on to the image Sensor.

Some images are listed here, not in the shooting order. Always the nature is a wonder, that what matters!

Sun Set to Kotiyagala

Katharagama Kiri Wehera at the Dawn

Lady Monkey with Baby Monkey

Through the wild trails, almost getting Dark!

Wish I had more time to be in that freedom!
- Dilhan Maduranga @ LenseTwain