Monday, January 25, 2016


It was a long time ago, I last posted to this blog. 
As both my friend "Dynamic" and my self became busy with our lives, carreers and other duties, we missed to continue this blog. 
(I have to admit the fact that, I was a bit lazy too.)

Since the time we last posted to this, we have learnt a lot about photography. 
My beloved friend "dynamic" has become a professional wedding photographer now. 

(Well.... myself is still that apprentice who loafs around with the camera in hand.)

However, with time i have developed a huge interest in Macro and Abstract photography, so that i thought of posting some of my macros to start over.
If this be an inspiration to "Dynamic" to be active in 'blogging' again, I would be joyous. 



 LICHENS (?Pseudevernia furfuracea)



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  1. Wow this is a fantastic piece! the images in it are so beautiful and intricate! lovely shots and the colors captured in them