Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Do you love birds?
Well.... I do
That was the main reason I started photography. In the first place, I bought my camera to capture birds. ( Now I know my Canon 1100 does not help much in bird photography)
Daily I struggle to photograph at least one bird. Amost all the time, I fail , but there are several photos I would like to share here.

By the way, if you really want to see what "real bird photography " is , you would love to see photos of these photographers.

Alan Murphy
Arther Morris
Bence Mate
David Tippling
Andy Rouse
Glen Bartley

They are some of the bird photographers , I love personally.

These are some of my photogrphs


  1. finally you have published your master pieces to a good audience other than publishing them in face book. I'm happy for that. Every artist should understand the value of their creations and they should give a good value for them by selecting the best media to take them to the public. good luck. continue this until you do a great exhibition one day.

    1. thank you for the idea you gave me to post these stuff in a blog. That is what reminded me that we had already created a blog for that.